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389 Mulberry St.
Suite 200
Macon, Georgia 31201
P: 478 743 9123
F: 478 742 9809
F: 478 750 1421

Testing Center
673 Pine Street
Macon, Georgia 31201
P: 478 746 0028
F: 478 746 0031

Patient Information


At the end of the visit with the neurologist, our front office will help schedule the tests which have been recommended. If a change of an appointment time is needed, the patient must contact the facility performing the test to make this change rather than contacting our office. Please note that EEG's, EMG's, Evoked Potentials, and MRI's are usually scheduled to be performed at our testing center on Pine Street. Results are usually available within one business week after the test has been performed. The nurse/medical assistant of the neurologist who ordered the test should be contacted if the results have not been reported to the patient one business week after the test has been done.

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