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MRI Information

See the “Patient forms” section for safety assessment history form

This test uses magnetic resonance energy to produce cross-sectional images of the body. These images can demonstrate changes which have occurred in neurological structures providing diagnostic information which may affect treatment decisions. The Neurology Associates’ MRI scanner is the most up-to-date 1.5 Tesla magnet manufactured by GE, producing images of the highest quality. Our MRI center has been accreditted by the American College of Radiology. (Please note that, as with any test, the performance or lack of performance of an MRI will not necessarily influence the patient’s prognosis.)

The test is performed by placing the patient in the center of a large metal doughnut-shaped magnet. The MR machine produces a magnetic field that passes through the body without disturbing any of its parts. Radio signals will be sent into the body causing a small proportion of the water in your body to send back radio signals that the magnet then receives. The MR machine includes a computer that will analyze the radio signals and create a picture of internal body structures. This picture will depict internal body structures. Because this test uses a magnetic energy force, it may not be safe for some patients to undergo this test. Patients will undergo rigorous screening to ensure their safety.

The MR scanning procedure may require injection of a paramagnetic agent into a vein so that this fluid will circulate through the blood stream. This produces better visualization of certain structures and abnormalities. Restrictions due to health may apply.

The study may take 20 to 45 minutes. The staff provides friendly, competent support to keep the patient still. No adverse or ill effects have been reported from the use of magnetic fields generated by this type of machine.

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