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Evoked Potential Testing

Evoked Potential Testing:
The EPs are recordings of the brainís electrical responses to visual, auditory, and sensory signals. Disease or other damage to the nervous system can affect how well sensory receptors and nerves send messages to the brain. Alteration in the transmission of these signals may possibly result in muscle weakness, pain or numbness, vision or hearing deficits, dizziness, and other difficulties. These tests are useful in assessing these types of symptoms and in diagnosing a variety of diseases of the spinal cord and brain. These tests are non-invasive, but the patient must remain relaxed. Support will be provided to achieve this. Each test may take 30 minutes.

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> Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER)
> Visual Evoked Response (VER)
> Somatosensory Evoked Response (SSER)

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