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See the “Patient forms” section for pre-testing preparation instructions

The EMG/NCS study examines the electrical integrity of the nerve roots of the spine, the peripheral nerves, the neuromuscular junction, and the muscles. This test does not measure pain; a patient may have a normal EMG/NCS study even though severe pain is present. Patients should be aware that nerve and muscle disease can cause problems and exist in patients who are unaware of any symptoms. This test does not examine the brain and spine.

The NCS portion assesses the transmission of electrical signals generated by the nerves and muscles. The test is performed by attaching wires to the surface of the skin and administering a small electrical current to stimulate various nerves in the arms and the legs.

The EMG portion assesses the electrical signals which have been generated by the patient’s muscles and nerves in the arms and legs. This is accomplished by inserting a thin, sterile, previously unused needle into various muscles. The needle transmits the electrical signals produced by the patient to the recording machine. There are usually 5 to 7 needle sticks per arm or leg. There is NO shocking during this EMG portion of the test.

This test may take 30–60 minutes. Our examine rooms are designed for the privacy and comfort of our patients; staff members are available for assistance.

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